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29 January 2013

About being stupid

George Pruteanu had a show on TV. At one time, he spoke about a letter he received, in which he was praised for being “wise”.

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Why I use AdBlock plus

I use AdBlock plus for Chrome (the browser I currently use 95%+ of the time).


  • There are pros and cons of using it. As a plus, you don’t see the ads. As a con, some web sites display with some faults if you hide the ads. This is debatable – are the ads really useful in how a page should look like? This is unclear.
  • What is clear and is the drop which has filled my glass of patience are re-marketing ads. The principle is simple – I visit SEOmoz.org, let’s say, and log into my account, which is a free one. They see this and have an option to display on other web sites, around the Internet, ads which invite me to become a premium member of SEOmoz. The first time you see the ad, it may be OK. After the ads start haunting you all over the Internet, specifically targeting me to do a specific set of actions, it gets annoying. I start to feel bad I don’t have a premium account of SEOmoz. I want to return to web sites I don’t particularly like. AdBlock Plus may be worth it only for that.

“Have a sample” / “Feel the merchandise” – why?

You go to a store, and the sellers invite you to:

  • Have a free sample.
  • Feel the goods (clothing, apparel).
  • Try the product in some way or another.

Why does this happen?

  • We tend to get more attached to things we touch. Thus, we will price a good higher when we have contact with it.

Simple trick – when the sellers invite you to touch a good, they actually invite you to buy the product at a higher price. And, surprisingly, you do. :)

The morale? Just notice the thing, and at times avoid touching, if you see it makes it more difficult for you to avoid buying a good.

What to do in order to succeed?

It may seem obvious – in order to succeed, you need to feel good with yourself. Have a meaning, feel nice, enjoy life. After all, what good is success which only comes at the end of the life?

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“Shop now! Expiring offer! Now! Buy now!” – downsides

4758676577_aa65eda52f_zThere are a lot of reasons for which a store (online or not) should have promotions such as:

  • Expiring offer – valid until …
  • Expiring offer – only … products left on stock.
  • Offer limited only to the clients who meet the following criteria: …

I will bring in this article some light on why you might consider not having this kind of offers.

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