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20 December 2012

Your profile is 85% complete

On LinkedIn, whenever I fill in my profile, there are always some fields which seem irrelevant to me.

BestJobs.ro also has some fields which don’t seem necessary to me.

On the other hand, for the fields which are necessary, I’m pretty attentive and I work hard to fill them in correctly.

Yet, LinkedIn always bugs me – you’re only 95% complete. BestJobs also insists I should get to 100%.

How should things be, in my opinion?

  • Do ask me for more data when I’m below 65% complete.
  • Do always ask for things which greatly improve the user experience, such as a photo for LinkedIn, a current job position, some links to some top sites.
  • Don’t bug me if I’m over 65% complete. Don’t ask for more data.
  • Also, If I’m more than 50% complete, and I filled in all the important data, missing some details, don’t bug me. Don’t force me to put everything on my CV / profile. It’s irrelevant and actually hurtful to both the service provider and the user.

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