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2 November 2012

Who is in front of you? Wikipedia or your direct competitor?

Let’s take “chairs” as a keyword and assume you want to get, via Search Engine Optimization, as high as you can. After some work, you get on #2 place. You look at first spot and you find:

  • A scenario: a Wikipedia entry about chairs.
  • B scenario: your direct competitor.

In A scenario, if the person is interested in buying a product, then that person might go directly to place #2. In B scenario, it has to pick between you (#2) and your direct competitor (#1).

Which scenario would you prefer?

Note: Idea from Superweek 2012.

Website audits: “You do wrong …” vs. “If you do this, then that will happen …”

There are two options of saying things in an audit:

  • A: “You do X, and this is wrong! You should do Y!” (alternative: “You do X, X does this huge problem – A, and this is wrong!”)
  • B: “You do X, and this has the following consequences: A, B, C. If you do Y, this has the following consequences. P, Q, R. For this reason, my personal advice would do to pick Y.”

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Cum ții trei panel-uri în același timp la o conferință?

Întâlnesc situația asta uneori, la unele conferințe.

Să zicem că avem o conferință despre Pescuit, Vânătoare și Plimbări pe munte. În prima parte a zilei sunt conferințe, în a doua parte a zilei seminarii. A doua zi – la fel: conferințe în prima parte, seminarii în a doua.

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Ca organizator, cum testezi/prezinți un speaker la o conferință și de ce e important să faci asta?

OK, organizezi o conferință, de ce să ții cont?

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