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20 October 2012

Tip: provide extra services online.

You’re an online store. You sell furniture. Should you do something else?

At Leaders in marketing 2012 conference, one opinion came:

Don’t just be like – we want to sell online products about X. Be more like – we will help you to use products about X, we will help you in your environment, and it’s more likely you’ll buy those products from us.

So, if you sell furniture, you may also want to care:

  • How to help customers pick furniture.
  • Possible use for furniture in a home.
  • How to repair furniture.
  • How to reuse old furniture.
  • What are the latest trends.

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Branding: The name doesn’t matter all that much

I know one guy who wants to start an online project. He delayed the project for quite in order to find the perfect name.

At Leaders in marketing 2012 conference, one opinion came:

“The name doesn’t matter all that much”.

Sure, to some point, it matters, it leaves an impression. But there’s so much more in a business than its name, that you can live happily with a not-that-great name. It’s much more important to deliver quality, or other good service, than having a catchy name.

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Follow-up: Leaders in marketing 2012 (2012.10.18, Willbrook Platinum Convention Center)

On 2012.10.18, at Willbrook Platinum Convention Center, took place Leaders in marketing 2012 conference. Below, what did I like at the conference? , some notes I made, and photos.

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