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11 October 2012

Microsoft Natural Ergo 4000, USB keyboard – about this product and why some products only need minor reviews

Hello, yesterday I bought two of these:


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Nikon 35mm f/1.8 G AF-S DX – About not buying camera lens and, also, about my new camera lens

I told you countless times that I don’t intend to buy camera lens, and I actually gave some reasons for this.

Well, the day before yesterday, in the evening, I went to F64 to talk to some consultants. One guy told me some basic :) stuff, like:

  • “18-55?” (kit lens) – “Do you take photos for just playing? Are you just having fun?”.
  • “You know, as a photographer you need to use your elbow” (referring to the fact that I intended to shoot from a far distance and get a quality photo. It just doesn’t work this way, it seems.) :)
  • “For what you need, zoom + light, you need to invest quite a lot in a flash + zoom lens”.
  • “The cheapest alternative is to buy this thing:

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