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25 September 2012

Researching products – it’s for the value also, not only for the better price

Whenever I buy something online, I do some research.

Things which interest me:

  • Price (Is it a cheap product? Where can I get the product at a better price?)
  • Price per value.
  • Have I tested the products?
  • Have other users tested the product? If so, what is their feed-back?
  • Have famous reviewers (magazines & blogs) reviewed the product? What is their opinion?
  • How does the product stand when you look at the top products sold in the category, at eMAG?
  • What’s the product’s place on price.ro Top 10 lists?
  • What’s the brand? Is it a reliable brand?
  • Compatibility with other products in my house.
  • Design.
  • Can I buy the product without caring for warranty, or should I look for a store which gives me good warranty conditions?

OK, if I have to pick, I generally pick a combination between “not to expensive” and “top sold products on eMAG”. Then I look for a cheap provider of the product (if I don’t care for the warranty that much).

What’s to notice?

  • When I buy a product, the value of the product matters also. It’s not all about the price. Price matters, but isn’t everything.

Valuing clients

Two options:

  • Some phone makers launch a product, give some products to beta testers, and then put the products on sale for the general public.
  • Apple launches a product, then only makes the product available for everybody, not favoring the beta testers.

Which option is better?

  • The beta testers do spread the word for your products.
  • Giving the product to everybody at the same time shows you value your clients as much as testers.

I like Apple’s solution better.