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15 September 2012

Buying fruits & vegetables from the supermarket

Until recently, I tended to buy green stuff (vegetables, fruits) from the peasant’s market. After a bit of thinking, I decided:

  •  It’s always OK to buy exotic stuff from the supermarket (I used to do this, already).
  • Buying from peasants gives you a possibility – the fruits & veggies may come from people who don’t do fertilizers.
  • Buying from the supermarket gives you a certainty – you certainly know the origin, and you should know that they generally did things which are legal to the products.

I used to see all of the advantages of a peasant’s market, and none of the supermarket’s. Now I see no reason to avoid buying Romanian grapes from Carrefour. I can buy them from peasant’s market, but I can also buy them from Carrefour. It’s about the same.