On tablet / phone / small screen usage

I’ve tested some devices (smartphone / tablet). Some thoughts: The experience is much poorer than on the PC. Much. I find a good pleasure in navigating HotNews on a PC. On a tablet? Not so much. On the other hand, it is better to be entertained on a tablet / phone than on the PC. At the PC I have two options – fun / work. On a tablet / smartphone, since I’m on the road, and I can’t work on them, I have to pick between various types of fun. Thus, the experience is nicer. A physical keyboard means a lot. So does a mouse. Reading stuff on the tablet goes pretty well, as long as there’s nothing else but text (& some photos).

Technical specifications – are they clear enough?

If I had an online store, I’d look into how the technical specifications are written. There are ways to write specifications, to make them clearer. For example, don’t write: Rez. senzor (Mp):14.2 , but, instead, write: Rezoluția senzorului: 14,2 Megapixeli. (?) Things to do: Avoid abbreviations. Instead of „MP”, write „Megapixels”, or the equivalent word („Megapixeli”). There is a difference between writing one point two in English and in Romanian: 1.2 (En) vs. 1,2 (Ro). Use this difference. I would love to have, at mouseover, an explanation of what a certain word means. I would try to put the most important technical specifications at the top. You do the work of selecting to the user. Avoid translating, and try to explain the specifications to the user.

Keeping a blog – niche or broad?

Friday I went to Webstock 2012.
Two oppositve views:

  • According to Costin COCIOABĂ, you should find our niche and keep it ruthlessly. Find an idea, plan it, stick to the plan. Răzvan PASCU also focuses on niches.
  • Adrian CIUBOTARU has the opposite approach: he writes on just about any subject. Although more targeted, Cristian CHINA-BIRTA also tends to write on a general note.

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On reviews

According to this article:

More to the point, however, is that we can’t really trust early reviews. I always recommend caution when it comes to buying products that have just launched and I rarely take my own advice. Many devices only begin to exhibit problems after lots of use and many faulty devices pop up only after the first batch of highly scrutinized devices runs out.
In the end, the real reviews are the ones that percolate up out of the forums and blogosphere.

So, what are my thoughts on this?

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Researching products – it’s for the value also, not only for the better price

Whenever I buy something online, I do some research. Things which interest me: Price (Is it a cheap product? Where can I get the product at a better price?) Price per value. Have I tested the products? Have other users tested the product? If so, what is their feed-back? Have famous reviewers (magazines & blogs) reviewed the product? What is their opinion? How does the product stand when you look at the top products sold in the category, at eMAG? What’s the product’s place on price.ro Top 10 lists? What’s the brand? Is it a reliable brand? Compatibility with other products in my house. Design. Can I buy the product without caring for warranty, or should I look for a store which gives me good warranty conditions? OK, if I have to pick, I generally pick a combination between „not to expensive” and „top sold products on eMAG”. Then I look for a cheap provider of the product (if I don’t care for the warranty that much). What’s to notice? When I buy a product, the value of the product matters also. It’s not all about the price. Price matters, but isn’t everything.

Valuing clients

Two options: Some phone makers launch a product, give some products to beta testers, and then put the products on sale for the general public. Apple launches a product, then only makes the product available for everybody, not favoring the beta testers. Which option is better? The beta testers do spread the word for your products. Giving the product to everybody at the same time shows you value your clients as much as testers. I like Apple’s solution better.

Memorii (RAM) care să totalizeze 8 GB (generic)


Dețin în prezent produsul:

Îl am de la ultima achiziție de PC.
Dar nu vreau să vorbesc neapărat despre acest produs, cât de orice tip de memorie RAM de 8 GB – ori un singur modul de 8 GB, ori două de 4, ori patru module a câte 2 GB:

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