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June 2012

Internet marketing tip: how to encourage comments on your web site?

You know the story – you build a web site, you put a comments box, nobody comments.

Then some people start commenting, but very rarely.

Then you do get some comments after a while, but they stop.

How to exit these circles?

I found a solution by reading:

The solution involves:

  • Award the commentators which write the most useful comments with products from your web site, for further testing / reviewing.

That’s it. It’s harder if you sell private jets, it’s easy if you sell books or small presents.

So, use your current customer base and start from there.

In the name of “Understanding the business”

In the name of “Understanding the business”, this thing happens:

  • You get lots & lots of detailed descriptions of a business.

What I’d do better:

  • Avoid describing things – “we do like this & this & this”. Sure, a brief description is necessary, but not too much.
  • Focus on USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – what you have and is different.
  • Focus on Insights – “I will tell you this & that, and by those two things you should get an idea”.
  • Focus a lot on actionable steps and clear processes. Make it clear what needs to be done.

Microsoft Word’s biggest usability problem, in my opinion

You might think I’ll pick on the functions, look & feel.

No, I’ll go somewhere simpler – if I type something in Word, I work for 2 hours, I close the document and don’t save, I’ve lost everything. There’s no option to prevent this.

A document I write in 30 days, a thesis paper, takes, if only words, less than a MB of data. If compressed, we’re talking peanuts.

Why wouldn’t Word create back-up copies of everything I work on, automatically save them and then let me recover the data?

Beats me.


  • When installing Word, ask me about saving everything I type (for privacy issues).
  • Put the autosave function to work at 30 seconds interval, not 10 minutes by default.
  • Autosave even the “don’t save” files.
  • Even if you don’t make the above options standard, they should be as option.
  • I’d also love such a function for Notepad.

There is a race between mankind and the universe. Mankind is trying to build bigger, better, faster, and more foolproof machines. The universe is trying to build bigger, better, and faster fools. So far the universe is winning.

Follow-up: SEM Days 2012 (poze, linkuri către impresii personale)

Aproape 20 de profesioniști de top din online-ul mondial și românesc au vorbit despre cum poți obține vizibilitate și trafic pe motoarele de căutare la SEM Days, singura conferință din România dedicată SEO, PPC și Social Media. S-a discutat despre tehnici pentru evidențierea unui brand pe motoarele de căutare, creșterea traficului unui site și îmbunătățirea conversiilor pentru un business online prin sesiuni interactive și studii de caz.

Evenimentul a avut loc între 5 și 6 iunie la Hotel Pullman Bucharest World Trade Center – Book your hotel online in BUCHAREST – Pullman Bucharest World Trade Center.

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