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May 2012

Why am I not mean when I write web site audits?

It’s simple – I do my best to do constructive criticism. Sure, it’s not very pleasant to see a 20 pages document only listing the mistakes you’ve made, but, in my opinion, it’s the only solution for progress – constructive criticism.

If you want to improve, you need to know, first, that there’s a problem.

While I’m not doing a very nice work, I don’t intend to be mean. I just want to help.

Providing help when it’s needed – but not too much

I like being offered help when I need it. For example, the best place to put a warning on electric danger may well be in the area with the electric appliances.

If you want to make a list to things to remember to do while in the car, put that list in the car.

In the online, it’s even simpler – whenever you use a function, you are given options and suggestions for it. You can change a status in Facebook for example, by hovering the mouse over the status, then clicking in the upper right are of the status message itself.

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Follow-up: 2012.05.12 – Excursie în Bulgaria la peştera Sfântului Dimitrie Basarabov, la rezervaţia naturală Rusenski Lom, la Cetatea Medivală Cherven și în orașul Ruse

Bună, în data de 2012.05.12, am participat la o excursie în Bulgaria la peştera Sfântului Dimitrie Basarabov (detalii), la rezervaţia naturală Rusenski Lom (detalii), la Cetatea Medivală Cherven (detalii) și în orașul Ruse (detalii). Organizator: A treia cafea, prin Monica BRÂNDUȘESCU-GĂITĂNARU.

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