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5 April 2012

What title to put on a business card?

Paul KEWENE-HITE (Paul Kewene-Hite | LinkedIn) said, last night (“Entrepreneurship: Embracing Uncertainty” INSEAD MBA Master Class follow-up (photos), 2012.04.03, Radisson BLU Hotel – Get a result now!), a thing similar to this (approximate quote):

Most people have business cards with titles – “I’m a marketing manager”. Instead, they should focus on skills – “I can help you with creating your brand, I can design flyers, I have skills in product development”.

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How to have a care-free phone

Sometimes, my phone, in the pocket, does strange things, like calling people. Two days ago, it rang a person, the first in my address book. And I thought of a thing to prevent this from going wrong.

The solution?

  • Put in the address book first persons with whom you have a very good relation and with whom the cost of a call won’t be high (same network, for example).

So, I added four “Aa. First name Last name” contacts in the address book (actually, I renamed old ones). And now I’m happy with the result. :)