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24 March 2012

Three questions to put during a job interview

1. What are you looking for (what kind of employee)? What do you offer to that employee?
2. What are your objections for me starting the job at you?
3. When can I start?


  • The first question makes it clear if you like the job and what does the employer expect from you.
  • The second question puts things on the table, and helps you overcome the objections the employer might have.
  • Finally, the last question shows courage and avoids the usual bluffing at interviews.

Quite nice. Via – Adrian CHIRA (LinkedInweb site).

"You're hungry"

I told you about a movie:

Until not too much time ago, I’d consider this logic fine:

  • It’s OK to do your best to earn money, it’s a good test to survive, for both you (you survive with money) and others (others live with your help).

Surviving is good, right?

Yes it is. But in “The Grey” and this evening I acknowledged that money is not everything. Adrian CHIRA (LinkedIn, web site) said something about this care only for money, and, to some point, surviving: “You’re hungry” (not referring to me, as a general rule).

And it’s quite true. A lot of the career decisions are taken on the basis of whether you’re hungry or not. And it’s quite sad. I didn’t take any decisions on this, I’m not hungry, and I do a lot of things for things out of “hungriness”, but, still, very nice idea.

Later Edit: So, what’s the alternative? Actually, they’re two:

  • Ignore being hungry, act as if you’re not. Follow the dream. Do what you want. Act your wishes.
  •  Stop being hungry – lower your needs, so that you’re not hungry anymore.