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15 March 2012

I love personas. And much more than this

I will tell you some things about some people I love and about personas and how it helps me a lot to have these personas in my life, both personally and professionally.

I like some people quite a lot. This helps me understand something which in marketing is called “personas” (Persona – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Having some people I can relate to makes me better understand them, and act as if they are personas.

Which is good.

State the problem first

It may seem obvious – in order to have a problem solved, you first have to present it and explain it clearly.

Yet, from time to time, I see this rule broken. People get into explaining the problem, and I need to understand the context.

Sure, it’s much more rapid to dive right into the problem and start with the assumption we’re all quick, fast, geniuses, experts in the field.

But more often than not, the time gained won by not explaining the problem is lost someplace else.

As a conclusion – in SEO and other fields, when you want the problem solved, first state it clearly.