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February 2012

A long time away saying of Bruno MEDICINA

Bruno MEDICINA said once an argument similar to the following:

EN: Mozart, Beethoven, all the great geniuses, broke the rules and won. We like them because they had results when they broke the rules.
Yet the top students today are forced, in the institutional education system, to obey the rules. They perform well in spite of the fact that they can’t/shouldn’t break the rules.
RO: Mozart, Beethoven, toate geniile mari, au încălcat regulile și au reușit. Îi apreciem datorită faptului că avut rezultate încălcând regulile.
Cu toate astea, studenții de azi sunt forțați, în sistemul educațional instituțional, să urmeze regulile. Ei au rezultate bune, și performează, în ciuda faptului că nu pot / nu ar trebui să încalce regulile.

This thought apply to other fields, also (see religion, where a lot of thing happened for not obeying, and all religion is based on obeying). See other forms of arts where it is difficult to produce something from scratch without heavy disagreements.

Some thoughts after a workshop


A few ideas after a workshop:

  • At some time in the Bible, some Apostles are told to bring the fish to the surface. At other times, they are told they will be made fishermen of real people (thus, the fishes are associated with people). What does it mean to bring the fish to the surface? It may imply that the real value of a person, its soul & spirituality resides hidden in waters, and it can only be made visible by trying hard.
  • I noticed I mirror other person’s body positions. So, if X leans forward, I lean forward. If X leans back, I lean back. On the other hand, I do not mirror ideas, quite the contrary, I have a tendency to oppose them.
  • Sometimes, when I disagree with someone, I say something like “Yes, …” and continue with saying the opposite of what X says. So the “Yes” part is a bit misleading. But easier to take.
  • Good book (perhaps):

Differentiation is everything in marketing

In marketing, you can do a lot of things to promote an idea. Yet, a thought came to me (via):

If you want to promote something, the best way to do so is to first differentiate.

You can find “funky” way of promoting things, you can look for ways to deliver a message. But the first thing would be to do “funky” business. First, have a funky idea, implement it, and then you can think if you need funky promotion.

Be different, and only then communicate differently.

P.S.: I’m an online marketer. Should I differentiate my actions? Sure.

Cum rezolvi problema afișării diacriticelor?

În primul rând, diacriticele de tip “ș” și “ț” sunt de două tipuri – cu virgulă și cu sedilă. Aveți pe Wikipedia exemple de diacritice cu sedilă și cu virgulă.

OK, se afișează greșit la un calculator. Cum rezolvi?

  • Dacă problema e la calculatorul tău, ai un Windows și ție ți se afișează greșit diacriticele, soluția ar fi să instalați: European Union Expansion Font Update.
  • Dacă problema e la calculatorul altei persoane:
    • Poți recomanda persoanei să instaleze update-ul de mai sus.
    • Poți salva documentele într-un format care include fonturile, de tipul PDF (dacă salvezi fișierele în formatul PDF, se vor afișa corect). Nu am testat personal, dar cred că poate fi o soluție inclusiv să embed-uiți fonturile în documente Microsoft Word. Detalii.

What are the benefits of a simple site review in SEO? One that you could do for free

In order to do professional Search Engine Optimization, one has two main options, with two different perspectives:

  • One is to get a lot of quality links. 80% in the importance of having good rankings in the search engine comes from having lots of good links. This is called external SEO.
  • Another solution is to optimize your own web site. While this matters only 20% in the rankings, it’s much easier to get done (you own the web site) and to see effects. This is called internal SEO.

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