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November 2011

Elements of a successful team (by Jim BAGNOLA)

At a recent conference (Jim BAGNOLA: “Leading Teams: Managing Success”, The Leadership Tour (2011.11.25, Bucharest, Crystal Palace Ballrooms) – Get a result now!), Jim BAGNOLA (see Jim BAGNOLA – the best trainer I’ve seen – Get a result now!) said the elements of a successful team are:

  • Preparation;
  • Cooperation;
  • Communication;
  • Luck;
  • Execution.
Also, you should operate in a team as if it were an emergency. (an emergency asks for no individual responsibility, it’s either success or not)
Finally, there should be a shift from being different into making a difference.

Follow-up: Jim Bagnola: “Leading Teams: Managing Success”, The Leadership Tour (2011.11.25, Bucharest, Crystal Palace Ballrooms)

From 14 to 24 of November, 2011, Jim BAGNOLA (see Jim BAGNOLA – the best trainer I’ve seen – Get a result now!) spoke about leadership in Cluj-Napoca, Belgrade, Timișoara and Bucharest; the trainings consisted in team management and leadership, wrapped up with games, case studies and practical jokes.

On 2011.11.25, Jim BAGNOLA was in Bucharest, at Crystal Palace Ballrooms, Bucharest for his “Leading Teams: Managing Success” training.

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Selling tip: scarcity sells

Dorin BOERESCU had the following tip at his presentation at GPEC: scarcity sells; you can have different types of rare items:

  • Limited time frame for an offer (buy until 23:59 today!);
  • Limited quantity (only 3 left);
  • Pick your audience (we only sell to …);
  • Unique product (only us, in the whole universe …);
  • Exquisite conditions to get an item (you have to do something, you have to pay a price, you have to put yourself on a waiting list);

Scarcity sells; just have a look at collectible luxury items – you can only buy them for a certain time frame, they are in limited quantity, they are very expensive; lots of conditions to get an item.

Apple sells expensive and unique products (only they …).

Presentation tip – subtitles for movies in a PPT

Let’s say you are about to hold a presentation; this presentation will include a movie; you don’t know a lot about the location you are about to hold a presentation; lots of things may happen – no Internet connection (for YouTube clips); no sound from the laptop; no sound from the room; too much noise in the room; no codec for viewing the video; poor laptop and a large resolution video; some people may not understand well words in English;

You can solve most of these things by repeating the video prior to the event, on the same laptop & the same equipment;

But in some cases where this is not possible, it may be wise to just embed (hard-code is best – How to hardcode subtitles to AVI files – -, but you can also include the subtitle as a separate .txt or .srt file) subtitles;

For a two minute video, it will not take you long to create those subtitles; but in such a way you will make sure that you solve a lot of hearing problems (from no sound, to poor sound, to interferences, to not being able to properly understand words in English, to a large audience with different hearing needs).

“Our customer support working hours are 9-17” – but you are an online store!

Dorin BOERESCU had the following PPT:

at his presentation at GPEC.

The main idea?
If you are an online store, you should make an effort to provide online customer support for more than 9-17; strive to have someone online to answer request after 17:00; see the above graph for the reason behind this.