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31 October 2011

Despre incubator107


Cum îi cunosc pe cei de la incubator107?

  • Am vorbit la ei, din postura de meșter, în atelierul “Google me“;
  • Am participat la multe sesiuni de formare de meșter;
  • Am fost învățăcel la atelierul de scenaristică cu Florin PIERSIC jr.;
  • Am fost la trei întâlniri nocturne;
  • Și îi cunosc personal pe unii din învățăcei / organizatori / meșteri.

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Follow-up: Stirbei Palace (Buftea – Ilfov county), 2011.10.29

On 2011.10.29, I visited Știrbei Palace (Buftea – Ilfov county); the palace is 20 kilometers away from Bucharest, it was built in 1864 and has ~2,400 sqm.

Details, in Romanian:

Photos I took (full-screen) & some photos by Ștefan UDREA:

P.S.: Also see: 2011.10.29 Mogoșoaia Palace (Ilfov county) – Get a result now!

On redemption

It may look simple:

  • You do good, you’re saved, you get redemption;
  • You do not-so-good, you’re in trouble;

Simple, right?

How about this?

“Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.”

Let’s go back to the original algorithm:

  • You do good, you are not forgiven, (here comes the tricky part) you get a bit angry, you love God less; versus:
  • You do not-so-good, you’re forgiven, (the following may not happen) you feel good, you love God;
Both algorithms have a tricky part, and it may also be that you do good and still love God, or you may do evil and still not love Him, but it’s something to think about; and the original algorithm doesn’t provide, now, the full explanation of things; who gets to have redemption? The person who only does good things? Or the one who fails to do so? It’s, at least, unclear – now.