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29 October 2011

My view on “Rencontres” / “Intalniri” / “Meetings” (Passe Partout DP) play

This evening I’ve seen “Rencontres” / “Intalniri” / “Meetings” (Passe Partout DP) play (Passe Partout DP).

The play was written and directed by Dragoș HULUBA and Violeta TOTIR and the stars were the same Dragoș HULUBA and Violeta TOTIR.

Bellow my feed-back.

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About “most read” / “most commented” / “recommended” news on HotNews.ro

HotNews.ro, a major news portal in Romania, has one box that always gets my attention: a section with th “most read” / “most commented” / “recommended” news on the web site for the previous 24 hours (or so).

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