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17 September 2011

Watching “An inconvenient truth” (2006) from the perspective of a wannabe presenter

I want to be a good presenter; so, when Al GORE said in “An inconvenient truth” (2006) that he has held the speech / presentation in the movie for more than 1,000 times, I looked for some methods he used; I will not speak in the blog post about the message itself, but about how it was said; when seeing the movie, do remember that Al GORE is a successful politician, so he, in theory, should have the ability to hold a very good speech.

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Simple site review: Fastupload.ro – what can be further improved?

I have to admit, I’m a fan; I like Fastupload.ro – transfer rapid de fişiere online a lot.

The service is still in beta testing, it’s already great, but they’re working on it.

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Schimbări pe Facebook

Facebook e nou – poți să mergi în “urmă” cu status updates mult timp (am mers până pe 30 august, anterior puteai să vezi doar ultimele două-trei zile); apoi chestia cu ce anume să urmărești de la un om (totul, sau chestiile importante, sau chestiile foarte importante) e binevenită; în fine, listele urmează modelul Circles al Google; eu aveam doar două plângeri, care au fost rezolvate, vezi mai sus; Circles nu era obligatoriu, dar dacă trebe, trebe.