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September 2011

Quality is cheap, while both luxury and stinginess are expensive

An event this evening let me to this idea:

Quality is cheap, while both luxury and stinginess are expensive.

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SEO training tip: stop the projector screen when not using

At the latest edition of Lumea SEO PPC, Doru PANAITESCU said something similar to:

When you do a training, if you want to keep people’s attention focused on you, stop the projector screen; turn it black and focus people’s attention on you.

Cool tip! Simple & useful.

"AUDIO!" / "VIDEO!" / "PHOTO GALLERY" – this isn’t a good promotion strategy

Quite a few of the news web sites in Romania started adding “VIDEO” or “AUDIO” or PHOTO GALERY“. In my opinion, it’s a poor choice. It’s only addressing the emotional state – “like / love / hate”. It’s not cerebral, it’s not smart, intellectual or anything. Glamour & briz-briz & fantasies.

I want to visit a news web site to read news which is of intellectual interest to me. I don’t want tabloid-style news.

P.S.: Not my original idea, but I embrace it 100%.

Follow-up: “Etica in afaceri – renteaza sa fii bun?” / “Ethics in business – does it pay off to be good?”, Central University Library of Bucharest (BCU), 2011.09.27

On 2011.09.27, at the Central University Library of Bucharest (BCU) – Biblioteca Centrala Universitara din Bucuresti – took place the event “Etica in afaceri – renteaza sa fii bun?” / “Ethics in business – does it pay off to be good?”.

Below some information about the vent, notes, photos & videos.

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What should you look for at a speaker for a confrence?

I used to look at two major things when analyzing a speaker at a conference:

  • Personal charisma / ability to convey a message;
  • The message itself.
But it’s more than this; most conferences also have a main theme, they focus on something; well, from that perspective, it’s best to see a speaker who:
  • Has done something great in his / her field;
I got this idea at Webstock 11; some speakers had no particular charisma, others lacked a very good message; but, still, they fitted well, due to their experiences; it was very appropriate to see a top performer in his/her field, even if the message and the “package” of the message was not that great.

Follow-up: Webstock 11, JW Marriott Grand Hotel, 2011.09.23

On, 2011.09.23, at JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest, took place Webstock 2011. I was invited by Cristian MANAFU.

Below you’ll find my notes, photos and a video I made, and, finally, other reactions.

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Follow-up: MBA Master Class, Khaled Wahba – Anatomy of Complexity: Systems Thinking Approach to Understand Complex Systems. Social, Business, Environmental, Political, Maastricht School of Management, 2011.09.22

Khaled WAHBA (LinkedIn) held a MBA Master Class on “Anatomy of Complexity: Systems Thinking Approach to Understand Complex Systems. Social, Business, Environmental, Political”, on 2011.09.22, at Maastricht School of Management Romania (also represented by Oliver OLSON and  Dorina SURUGIU).

Below you’ll find photos from the event and a video with most part of Khaled WAHB’s presentation.

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Follow-up: Folk you (Zilele Bucurestiului), Franceza street, Historical Center, day 1, 2011.09.17

On 2011.09.17-18 took place “Zilele Bucureștiului” event, organized by ArCuB.

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Follow-up: Anton Pann, George Enescu Festival, Piata Revolutiei, 2011.09.16

Anton PANN at George Enescu festival, Piața Revoluției, Bucharest, 2011.09.16.

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Follow-up: Angely’s orchestra, Narcis Brebeanu, Alexandra Tarniceru, George Enescu Festival, Piata Revolutiei, 2011.09.14

Angely’s orchestra, Narcis BREBEANU, Alexandra TARNICERU at George ENESCU festival, Piața Revoluției, Bucharest, 2011.09.14.

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