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2 July 2011

I liked the play: “The theater maker” / “Der theatermacher” / “Creatorul de teatru” – Thomas BERNHARD; why is that?

I recently went to see: “The theater maker” / “Der theatermacher” / “Creatorul de teatruby Thomas BERNHARD:

  • With: Marcel IUREȘ, Valeria SECIU, Constantin DRĂGĂNESCU, Afrodita ANDRONE, Vitalie BANTAȘ
  • Director: Alexandru DABIJA
  • Scenography: Irina SOLOMON
  • Duration: 130 minutes

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Why should you read by a plan, by design, and not random?

There are three ways in which you can read:

  • Pleasure – “I like Science Fiction, I read SF books”;
  • Random – “I’ll read everything; can I take it? OK, I’ll read it then”;
  • Design – “In the next years, I’ll focus on reading only titles based on this criterion: …”;

I like the latter one best; it lacks creativity, it may shape you into something you don’t want to become, but I consider it better than the two previous ones; I don’t think you can become good at something by chance; solution? Pick a criteria and stick to it.

PS, 2018.08.03: Idea via Andrei Pleșu.

La ce conferințe / training-uri / workshop-uri / seminarii din România să participi? Cum alegi? Experiențe personale

Să zicem că vrei să participi la niște conferințe / training-uri / workshop-uri / seminarii. Cum alegi între ele?

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Cum găsești concursuri online în România?

Bun, să zicem că sunteți interesați să participați la concursuri online în România. Cum dai de ele?

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