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19 June 2011

Follow-up: Femei pe Mătăsari, second day, 2011.06.17-19

Trying to change the perception of Mătăsari street, Bucharest, as a street for prostitution, “Femei pe Mătăsarievent, 2011.06.17-19, got together a number of NGOs.

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Follow-up: GPEC (E-Commerce Awards Gala) meeting, Orange Concept Store, 2011.06.17

At Orange Concept Store, on 2011.06.17, took place one of the GPEC (E-Commerce Awards Gala) meetings (June 13-17).

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Follow-up: Comedy punct show, La Scena, 2011.06.16

At “La Scena“, on 2011.06.16, the “Comedy punct show” show was a big show. The pictures will show you, I’m sure.

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Follow-up: Bucharest, naturally, 2011.06.15

Around the Parliament Palace, Bucharest, in 2011.06.15. Natural stuff. And some fun stuff on how to build a track for bicycles (it’s no track at all, it’s just a sideway with a sign for both bicycles and people; so it’s not a track after all; close to zero value for the money on the investment).

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