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4 June 2011

Follow-up: Flowers on Berceni street, 2011.06.03

Flowers on Berceni street, photos taken on 2011.06.03.

See in full-screen the album below:

The one solution for work – intense

Seth GODIN says:

“If you’re going to work…
work hard.”

Nothing fancy. How to implement this?

  • Don’t have a smartphone; you’ll work in a non-intense way, most of the time, instead of focusing on working very intense in smaller period of times; instead, get a voice & SMS phone;
  • Don’t have a laptop; you’ll have to use a small monitor (instead of a 22+ inches one), a small keyboard (instead of a full-size one), and, in most cases, a lower capabilities machine; instead, get a regular PC; and for the same powers as a laptop, you’ll pay less, or for the same money, you’ll get a better machine;
  • Have times for work and times for leisure; in working time don’t check mail, don’t go on Facebook, avoid doing anything else but work; when leisure time, have fun; but split the two;

Do you have any other solutions?