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28 April 2011

A question for Facebook, with my answer

Note: If you have a question on how to set a custom username, see How To Create Custom Username (URL) For Facebook Fan Page.

From time to time a new application for Facebook claims to present its users the number of people who viewed the personal profile of the person using the application. So, it seems that the biggest question on Facebook is “Who viewed my profile?”

The bad news is that no such application, event, web site can present a good answer to the question, since Facebook’s privacy settings prevent a third party application to providing such an answer.

The good news is  you can use the data provided by Facebook itself to answer the dilemma.

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Follow-up: A walk in Năvodari – the new and the old aspects in the town, 2011.04.27

On the 27th of April, 2011, I took a walk in Năvodari and made some photos and a video.

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