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5 February 2011

Cum scăpați de diacritice într-un text? Soluție pentru eliminarea diacriticelor

OK, să zicem că aveți un text lung, scris cu diacritice – ă, î, â, ș, ț. Vreți să publicați textul pe un site și nu doriți să folosiți diacritice, vreți să aveți un text cu a, i, a, s, t. Cum “scăpați” de ele?

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How to play the lottery? What numbers to choose?

I’m not a lottery player. But if I were, how would I play? What numbers would I pick?

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How to import the birthday addresses of Facebook into Google Calendar?

OK, let’s say you have a lot of friends, and you constantly add new friends on Facebook, so keeping track of their birthdays can become a problem. How to use Google Calendar to see your friends’ birthdays and get notifications?

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The complete offer

This blog post is about offering full services to a client. I’ll start with three examples and then I’ll quickly jump to conclusions.

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