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31 December 2009

My gift for 2010: what I read about SEO

Dear readers, it’s been been a really nice 2009 for me, and I hope 2010 brings happiness to your life.

I want to share with you the blogs I constantly check out about Search Engine Optimization. If that’s not too much trouble, I’ll call this my gift for you for 2010.

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Cadoul meu pentru 2010: ce citesc, ce ascult, ce urmăresc, ce recomand?

Bună, știi sau nu știi, îți spun eu acum. Poți afla ce muzică ascult, ce articole citesc și ce articole recomand.

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A radio broadcast with me on Radio Lynx about navigation habits of Romanian users

On 14th of December I took part to a show on radio Lynx (OnlineShift) with Ciprian GAVRILIU. The subject? How does the typical Romanian user browse the Internet. Below the video and audio recordings, in Romanian.

For other appearances in 2009 in Romanian media, see my article on Fiieficient.com.