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16 October 2009

Follow-up: What I learned at the MBA Master Class by Joy Chan (CEU Business School) on Personal Finance, Marriott Hotel, 2009.10.15?

On 15th of October, 2009, I went to Marriott Hotel to see a MBA Master Class held by Joy CHAN (from CEU Business School). The subject? Personal finance. Oliver OLSON also gave a CEU Business School presentation.

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Follow-up: Open doors: Școala Vocațională A treia Cafea, Hobby Cafe, 2009.10.15

On 2009.10.15 I took part to Open doors event, Third coffee vocational school, Hobby Cafe.

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Follow-up: What I learned at Entrepreneurship and Ethics conference, ASE Bucharest, 2009.10.14?

On the 14th of October, 2009, I went at the Entrepreneurship and Ethics conference, held at ASE Bucharest, 2013 class room. What did I learn in there?

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