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25 May 2009

What did I learned at a workshop held this week end at Orange Concept Store?

This week-end I took part to a public speaking seminar. For more details on the seminar, see this blog post: “How would I make a presentation on the structure of a web site regarding keywords?

What did I take home?
1. I should avoid moving my legs that much at a presentation (stand still for once);
2. I should work on the way in which I watch my audience (I have a tendency to only look at a few persons);
3. A presentation with a clear structure: introduction, contents, ending, is easier to follow (mine didn’t really follow this).

Cum as face eu o prezentare despre structurarea informatiei pe un site in functie de cuvinte cheie?


Sambata asta, pe 23.05.2009, am fost la Orange Concept Store la o sesiune de Public Speaking. Ce-a iesit?

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