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21 May 2009

Did a development in the Human Brain Cloud web site lead to Google’s Wonder wheel? I wonder

First of all, a history of events. Sometime in 2007 (I think), a brand new web site emerges: Human Brain Cloud. You can see a YouTube video of this in here:
1. Human Brain Cloud;
2. And an article about it: “Human Brain Cloud “proves” we think about sex more than money
Nearly 800,000 associations have been submitted so far, connecting over 100,000 unique words and phrases.

Now we’re in 2009 and Google brings up some great new options on Google Search.

What stroked me most about the difference between the two?
1. Google had merely improved on the software design; The graphics were much better on Human Brain Cloud;
2. The functionality and the structure behind the two are much different (Human Brain Cloud depended on human input, human associations, human thinking of the issue, while Google’s system is based on algorithmic comparison of human data);
3. Google’s data is obviously much larger;
4. I’m surprised that no one else saw the connection. After all, this is a mind connection by itself.

Bottom line: I can’t say I like any of the two solutions better. I work on generating keywords in my Search Engine Optimization tasks, but both ideas seemed worthwhile. But I can say that I expect Google’s solution to grow, while the Human Brain Cloud stopped functioning sometime in 2008.