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April 2008

Nigel RISNER – One of the best trainers I’ve seen

Interested to see why Nigel RISNER is the trainer that puts most emphasis on attention in my opinion and why I consider him a top trainer? Keep reading. You can also see the reasons for which I consider Nigel RISNER to be great, or what I’d focus on more if I were Nigel. Finally, you can see actual ways of contacting Nigel. I hope you’ll enjoy my writing.

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Indemn: redirectioneaza 2% din impozit de la Stat catre ONG-uri!

Daca sunteti contribuabil – adica platiti impozite pe salariu – (sau sunteti organizatie) si doriti sa sprijiniti o initiativa de voluntari, cu efoturi mici, va recomand sistemul 2%.

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