I don’t have a blogroll. To me, it would be odd to present you with a list of blogs and you should just know why do I like that person, and my recommendation should be enough for you to read it (just by my mention of a name, you should read a blog). Instead, I’ll present you with a list of bloggers which I follow. I’ll also provide a small description after the list;

So, I read these people out of (some sort of) professional interest:

  • Romanian – Andrei PLEŞU (Dilema veche) – I like him a lot, there will be a blog post on sometime about him; very quality writing, a nice person, pleasant to read; I read it for pleasure (he brings me good emotions), and for his ability to make me better understand the world I live in;
  • Romanian – Andrei PLEȘU (Adevărul)
  • Romanian – Cosmin ALEXANDRU – fresh ideas, impeccable logic; very many projects done for his age; sometimes inspiring;
  • Romanian – dadatroll – he makes fun of everything, very funny to read (he’s a professional in laughter, you know); his style is rather sarcastic / ironic / using parody;
  • Romanian – Dragoş MĂNAC (ro) – he writes very well, good insights, professional; he makes me think about the world around me;
  • Romanian – Mihnea MĂRUȚĂ – I’ll write a blog post about him, think of it as a perfect version of everything; I can be wrong, right; who knows? Well, he’s (seems to be) just about perfect;
  • English – Derek SIVERS – profound thoughts, very smart;
  • English – Dragoş MĂNAC (en)
  • English – Gina TRAPANI – I also read LifeHacker, so this is a normal next step; quality articles on how to improve, with practical steps, your life;
  • English – Julian SAVULESCU – a very scientific approach to everything; quite new to me;
  • English – Seth GODIN – he claims he writes about marketing; he doesn’t; it’s all about life; so, while he speaks about marketing, the insights I get from him are life-related;

I also follow best friends’ blogs, SEO blogs, health web sites, and other blogs for professional purposes.

SEO blogs which I follow:

If there’s a common trait for all of the SEO blogs I follow – they’re more or less indispensable for my work. I need them to be a good SEO.

You can see items that I’ve shared:

Happy reading!

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